By giving a child the gift of your time, attention and love, volunteers share in the emotional, social and spiritual growth of a child. You can make a positive difference in a child’s life.
At Sunny Glen Children’s Home, volunteers play a vital role in the lives of our children. Here are some examples of how volunteers help:

• Providing monthly support for a child or a cottage

• Purchasing clothing for children

• Providing your talents & abilities during special events and projects

• Buying children birthday, Christmas gifts

• Hosting children in your home (i.e. overnight or day visits)

• Sponsoring a child for summer camp or various summer trips

• Offsetting school related expenses (i.e. school supplies, pictures, athletic supplies)

• Educational tutoring

Here are just a few comments from our volunteers:

“I feel the biggest contribution I can give to a child is my time.”

“I’m really a child at heart. I want to get involved, because I can & have made a difference.”

“The experience of volunteering gives me and my family great joy.”

Contact Information

For information or any questions regarding volunteering at Sunny Glen, please call our offices at (956)399-5356.

Questions can also be asked by emailing Sandra Rodriguez: sandra@sunnyglen.org