Programs and Services

The Sunny Glen Counseling Center will provide outpatient counseling services both to the residents at Sunny Glen and to the community. We will be offering counseling for children, adults, families, and couples. The program is still being developed at this time, as we are working on getting providers on insurance panels.



As part of our program evaluation, Sunny Glen decided to look at different services we could provide that would meet the needs of the youth in the Rio Grande Valley.  During this process, we saw a group of youth who were having to travel out of the area to get the services they needed.  Some the youth were being placed 5 to 6 hours away from their families and were not able to stay connected with the treatment needed to reunify.   These are the harder to place youth due their behaviors and who need a more specialized care, they are the youth who require treatment services.

In 2016, we went through the rigorous process of amending our licenses and contracting with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) to provide treatment services for these hard to place youth.  In October 2016, we were fully licensed and contracted to provide these much-needed services.  We currently have a teen girl and teen boy cottage set up for these services.  We can provide these services for up to 20 youth on our campus.  These specialized services include spiritual development, supervised recreation, specialized counseling, psychoeducation, and a more structured environment.


Sunny Glen’s hope is through these specialized services we can start the process of healing for these youths and their families so they can go on and lead more productive lives.  We are excited about this new opportunity to help those youths who seem to be forgotten.  We thank you for your support in this venture.