New Hope Resiliency Academy

Sunny Glen Children’s Home is proud to announce our application to the Generation 27 Charter School Application with the Texas Education Agency. As the sponsoring entity for New Hope Resiliency Academy (NHRA), Sunny Glen is bringing to our community a school of choice located in San Benito, TX. In this application it our intent to lease a building, making design changes to have an elementary campus that will serve children, who are identified to be homeless, in foster care, and/or has a need for mental health services and/or has been otherwise identified as at-risk of dropping out of school. The neighboring school districts from where the children would have been attending are Los Fresnos CISD, Rio Hondo ISD, San Benito CISD and Harlingen CISD.

Our educational philosophy seeks to build respect for self and others, by offering coping skills to manage stressors, while offering dignity merited to each child. Our goal is to erase stigmas that may follow each individual learner due to their current circumstances. Because we will serve children and families, who have lived through a global pandemic, NHRA will help each individual learner navigate through the educational system with a consistent robust, high quality, researched-based learning platform:
• Pre-Kindergarten
-Marco Polo; Teaching Strategies: The Creative Curriculum for Preschool; El Currículo Creativo para Texas Programa PreK

• Grades K – 5 Reading/Language Arts
-HMH Texas Into Reading; ¡Arriba la lectura!

• Grades 1 – 5 Math
-STEMscopes Texas Math Grade 1

• Grades 1 – 5 Science
-PhD Science TEKS Edition (English & Spanish)

Establishing strong foundational literacy and mathematics skills along a healthy sense of emotional awareness will be essential for continued growth and development of the learner.

Further, with the sponsoring entity’s involvement in serving children across the state of Texas for the past 85 years in finding ways to heal mentally and physically, as well as reunify children with healthy and productive families, our charter will continue to place children’s social emotional well-being at the forefront of our mission. Counseling services, family/parental services, and quality, consistent educational programming will be a seamless part of the foundation of our charter.

Our board of directors are professional, caring individuals, who reside in the Rio Grande valley and across the state of Texas. They have served as board members of Sunny Glen Children’s Home for a combined average of 10 years. A leader for our charter school has been selected, Dr. Rosalinda Mercado. Our superintendent of schools has previously served as superintendent of a charter school, as well as principal of a middle and secondary charter campus in the Houston, TX. Most importantly, our superintendent of schools was raised in Sunny Glen as an adolescent and looks forward to seeing the community come together to bring structure, excellence and recovery to those we serve.

Our charter framework will effectively and intentionally serve students in our proposed community in the Rio Grande Valley. NHRA will provide opportunities that will be uniquely inspired by the very lived experience the children bring with them. It is our goal to build a “home” school that offers essential life skills, deep learning strategies and an appreciation for fellow peers and teachers. The education earned at New Hope Resiliency Academy will be carried by the learner wherever he/she goes.

It is in the very demographics that we are serving in San Benito, TX that our charter seeks not to be a competitor to our neighboring school districts. Instead, our charter would be the inclusive learning environment for students, who are homeless, in the foster system and/or lack the immediate resources to be a part of an educational environment that focuses on academic excellence and emotional well-being. Join us in being a part of a community where students, who walk through the doors of New Hope Resiliency Academy will find healing, health and hope throughout their educational journey!

For more information, you may email:

Dr. Rosalinda Mercado, Superintendent of Schools

Opening 2023 - 2024 School Year!


To provide a robust, high quality, researched based inclusive learning environment that promotes health, healing and hope


To change the trajectory of our community of learners from being considered at-risk to becoming resilient