Josh’s House
This home was donated by Sam and Seanne Sparks in memory of their Grandson Josh Koonce who passed away in his teen years.

Aunt Jessie’s House
This beautiful home was donated by Jane Runnels Clark in memory of her Aunt Jessie Burns, the first female Executive Director at Sunny Glen Children’s Home.

Vance and Mary Lee’s House
The VML House was built in memory of Vance and Mary Lee Raimond, Grandparents of Bobby Farris. The funding for this home was furnished by a gift from the Farris Foundation.

Geanell’s House
Rita K. Roney and her husband Glen chose to honor the life of Rita’s mother Geanell Loyd Robertson by gifting Sunny Glen with a home known as Geanell’s House or the “Hugs and Kisses House.”

Jack’s House
This home was built by Frank Boggus and family in memory of Jack Boggus, the son of Frank Boggus.

Jay and Dee Williams Administrative Building
This building was built through the leadership of SpawGlass Construction and the generosity of 30 specialty contractors throughout the Rio Grande Valley. The building was dedicated to honor the then current Executive Director and his wife, Jay and Dee Williams.

Keagy Commisary
The Keagy Commisary was built in 2007 as a place to keep non-perishable foods, clothes and other tangible gifts to Sunny Glen. Funding for this building came from the estate of Chester Keagy.

The Sunny Glen Pavilion was built with a generous gift from the D.J. and Anna Syrja estate. The Syrja’s having no children of their own reserved a special place in their hearts for Sunny Glen’s children

Marjorie Chambers Walking Path
The Marjorie Chambers Walking Path was constructed through a generous donation from the family of Marjorie Chambers. The walking path was designed to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for the children at Sunny Glen.

The St.Clair Place
The funds used to build The St.Clair Place was generously willed by Odis St. Clair, with the purpose of giving the houseparents, much needed and deserved time off.

Learning Center
The Joyce Aycock Learning Center was built through a loving donation from Harold and Joyce Aycock.

In 1936, Joyce Kimbro Aycock was among one of the first children to live at Sunny Glen. In 1948, Mrs. Aycock was the first Sunny Glen resident to graduate high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Aycock built the Learning Center to provide a place for children to receive supplemental education services to help them toward graduation. Currently volunteer tutors from the community come to Sunny Glen several times per week to give one-on-one academic assistance to the children. In addition, trainings, meetings and community block parties are held in the Learning Center for Sunny Glen Staff and supporters. The Joyce Aycock Learning Center is the campus hub of activity often hosting birthday parties and special events.