About Us

Tribute Program

Sunny Glen Children’s Home is here to provide a home for forgotten children. Few of the children in our care knew the simple happiness of the love for our Lord before coming to Sunny Glen. They are the abused, the neglected and the forgotten. Through the generosity of our community and through the grace of God, these children are given the gift of a home with people who will love and care for them.

Precious is the gift of a home with love and care. The Sunny Glen Children’s Home Tribute Program allows for someone to give that gift on behalf of another. A tribute to Sunny Glen can bring together those who strive to live with those who have passed. A tribute can be used to honor friends and family by helping a child find salvation in their name.

To those that receive this gift, it is a gift never forgotten.

Memorial Gifts: Pays tribute to a friend or loved one who has passed away by offering aid to those still new to this world. A memorial gift is gift of life, a new beginning and the salvation for those who have been left behind, but not forgotten.

Honor Gifts: Pays tribute to a friend or loved one who is still with us. They are generally made at holidays or for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.

Food Truck Ministries

Representatives of Sunny Glen Children’s Home make a trip to one of six different cities in Texas, and visit each of these cities twice a year. This means that once a month the Food Truck Ministry is on the road. Along the way, we stop at various Churches of Christ and pick up supplies for the children in our care. These supplies include things like food, personal hygiene items, school supplies and more.

If you would like information on how to become a Sunny Glen Food Truck Ministry church, please contact the main office at 956-399-5356. We will provide your church with a list of items needed three months in advance to give your congregation enough time to provide the items that would most help the children.

We have made many new friends along the way through the Food Truck Ministries. We thank those churches who help us and we look forward to meeting you. Please call us today.

Community Outreach

Our wonderful sponsors and members of the community often make donations in the form of clothes to Sunny Glen. We use these gifts to provide the children with enough fresh, clean clothes to both learn and play in.

Sometimes though, the community provides us with clothes for older teens and adults; clothes we can’t use. In situations such as these, we have partnered with Goodwill to make sure that the clothes end up in the hands of those that need them.

Helping Families

Though our primary goal is to provide a home for forgotten children, sometimes a tragedy strikes a family in our community, and Sunny Glen will offer aid. When a family’s home is devastated by fire and they have no one to help them or no one to turn to for their immediate needs, Sunny Glen is often among the first to provide food and clothing. It is just our way of being there for those forgotten families in need of help, in the spirit of being a good neighbor.